Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 Questions Before Starting a Diet

5 Questions Before Starting a Diet

What do you think of when hearing the word diet? In fact, the diet is an eating pattern setting to get a better quality of health. However, there are still many people think a diet is a weight-reduction program. This is very much the kind of diet that was popular in the community. Some can lose weight quickly, but often also the weight back up, even more than the reduced weight. 

The best Diet is a healthy weight loss is not the main goal. Then, before starting the diet, you should know the answers to these five questions.

1. is this diet is suitable for all types of body? Many weight loss programs designed for people with average body size and activity level. However, how about you having higher body size or shorter? With activities that are more or less active?

2. is the reason makes sense? You need to know the reason a diet program can lose weight. Do not just go on a diet without knowing the science behind it. When you only reduce calories, maybe it's not the best way to lose weight because it does not maintain muscle mass, energy, optimize and support the immune system, as well as the health of the body as a whole.

3. is safe and healthy? Many ways to lose weight, but are often not a good impact on health. Like extreme diets that drastically lowering your calorie intake. Yes, body fat mass might soon come down quickly, but the loss of muscle mass and important nutrients will endanger health.

4. can eat out? Eating out is a growing trend in the community. Imagine did not enter feed when friends or family fun packed because it was following the diet program seems very agonizing. Then, preferably, choose a diet program that is flexible, but still restricts the intake of certain foods.

5. can be combined? If you are a fan of certain types of food and could not eat the food that one, though it's not recommended foods in your diet, will certainly unsettling. On one occasion, it will make you "steal" to be able to eat it. Then, choose a diet that is not binding.

You can still eat your favorite foods, but still healthy. For example, if you are a huge fan of Donuts, better where a piece of doughnut with a combination of fruit and skim milk, with three pieces of doughnut with mocca-latte?

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